Digital strategy consulting

Your resources are limited and the digital landscape continues to change. Engaging your users in a meaningful way requires coordination across many teams and ruthless prioritization. I can help you separate disruption from distraction, and deliver experiences that will delight users and drive results.

Web and application development

Even the best plan is useless without follow-through. With the help of my strategic partner, From Poland with Dev, we can bring your vision to life. FPWD delivers on its promise of no-nonsense professionalism and high-quality IT and development services at a competitive cost. I'm also proud to work with them on my latest project, ShareTheBoard.

Early stage start-up support

Large or small, all organizations can "start up." Sometimes a seemingly tactical insight can become the next disruptor in your industry. The opposite is also true: what may seem revolutionary can lead to a colossal waste of resources. I can help you validate your business idea quickly, so you can spot the difference.